Aivres AI Solutions: Algorithm Platform

Easy to deploy algorithm toolkit to empower time-to-solution

All-in-one toolkit for effortless AI development.

One-Stop Model Development

From data preparation to model development and deployment, this easy-to-use toolkit supports GUI for developers with limited experience.

On-Premise and Cloud Deployment

Tailored and optimized algorithm for model searching enables high flexibility and security in AI development for enterprise users.

High Scalability for Large Workloads

Support each node with multiple GPUs and GPU clusters. Radically improve AI development with as many as 4,000 models per day with 256 GPUs.

Focus on Computer Vision Applications

Supports classification, detection and other functions to update the model for various scenarios.

Aivres AutoML Suite

The Aivres AutoML Suite is an easy-to-use AutoML toolset, offering fast parallel modeling, flexible on premise & cloud deployment, and graphical user interface. Create deep learning models in 4 simple steps: data management, model training, generation and deployment, from modeling to enterprise scenario.

AutoML Suite

Key Features

On-Premise and Cloud AutoML

Supports both on-premise and cloud deployment, offers GUI for visualized processing

AutoML for Computer Vision

Increased accuracy in visual classification and analyses with high quality models

Highly Efficient Model Searching

Provides fast parallel modeling on multiple clusters and GPU accelerators

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