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NVIDIA-Certified OVX System™

Purpose-built to power large-scale digital twin simulations within NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

The Aivres OVX solution supports the NVIDIA OVX architecture to provide cutting-edge, scalable performance for complex digital twins and virtual modeling within NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

Featuring highly flexible architecture and strong AI accelerator compatibility, this 4U 8GPU server delivers the performance needed for data-intensive applications and real-time collaboration across the Omniverse.




NVIDIA ConnectX®-6 Dx 200Gbps NICs


System Memory


NVMe Storage

Designed for Large-Scale Digital Twin Deployments

The platform delivers MLPerf-topping AI performance with 8 NVIDIA A40 professional graphic GPUs and 3 NVIDIA ConnectX®-6 Dx 200Gbps smart NICs.

• Reference design created specifically to meet the computing demands for digital twins
• Single architecture to accelerate digital twin workloads
• All components selected, tested, and validated to provide the real-time computing required for complex real-world simulations

Scalable Performance

The OVX Pod solution of eight integrated OVX servers can flexibly scale to SuperPod that delivers ultimate computing power accelerating massive simulations and planetary scale digital twins.

• Multi-node scalability. Scales from a single POD of eight OVX servers to SuperPod
• High-performance networking to support high bandwidth and latency-sensitive workloads

Based on Omniverse™ Enterprise

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise is an end-to-end collaboration and true-to-reality simulation platform optimized to run on OVX that transforms complex workflows for digital twins at any scale.

• Reference development platform for enterprises to build digital twins of their products or environments
• Flexible, customizable, and continuously enhanced with new applications, extensions, and connectors to third-party applications
• Comprehensive NVIDIA OVX and NVIDIA Omniverse software and hardware support provided by NVIDIA and OEM partners

Technical Specifications

Model NVIDIA-Certified OVX Solution
Height 4U
CPU 2* Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8362 Processors 265W
Network 3-4* ConnectX®-6 Dx 200Gbps NICs
Memory 16* 64G, Total 1TB system memory
Front I/O 2* USB 3.0, 1* VGA, 1* RJ45 serial port
Rear I/O 1* serial port, 2* USB 3.0, 1* RJ45 management port, 1* OCP3.0 (support NCSI)
Storage 16TB In-node NVMe storage
OS Microsoft Windows Sever, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Linux, CentOS, etc. mainstream OS
Cooling N+1 Redundant system cooling fan
Power 4* 2200W 80Plus Platinum PSU, supports 2+2 redundancy
Dimensions 483mm * 175.5mm * 830mm
Operating Temperature 5 – 35°C / 41°F – 95°F
Full Load Weight ≤ 85kg

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