AI Servers & Solutions

Accelerate industry insights with Aivres AI.

With our unique capabilities in deep learning architectures, advanced hardware design, and infrastructure expertise, we create innovative end-to-end AI solutions that help customers leverage the power of AI compute and tackle high performance workloads in the data center.

LLM Expertise to Build Advanced Custom Models

Leveraging our experience in building large models, we can help clients build custom large-scale model solutions based on industry-leading AI products for their projects. In addition, our AI resource scheduling and optimization capabilities enable customers to further maximize the training performance of large model systems.

Turnkey Solutions to Help Enterprises Harness AI

Our turnkey solution capabilities enable customers and traditional IDCs to quickly build hardware facilities for their AI projects. With our insights, we can help them plan the most optimized computing, networking, and storage solutions to meet the current AI needs of the market and scale up AI’s compute power as their needs grow.

Industry-Best Hardware Platforms for Every Application

Aivres AI platforms integrate the industry's newest, most powerful accelerators and technologies to deliver top performance density for large language models, training and inference, generative AI, advanced graphics, and more.

Full-Stack AI Solutions

Our unique capabilities in deep learning architectures, advanced hardware design, and infrastructure expertise enable us to design and develop end-to-end turnkey AI solutions, from cluster to software, to support the workloads of customers in different industries at various scales.

AI Software Stack

Infrastructure Optimization

AI cluster deployment platform manages OS, drivers, system monitoring visualization, resource scheduling, etc

Scheduling & Orchestration

AI cluster scheduling platform automates monitoring and anomaly detection, deploys thousands of nodes in minutes

LLM Cluster Tools & Ops

Customized topology optimization, ensures optimal cluster condition and up to 53.5% GPU resource utilization

Highest Performance AI Servers in the Industry

AI Platforms for Every Scenario

Broad product portfolio for inference, training, LLM, Gen-AI, digital twins

Highest GPU Density on the Market

Up to 8x V100s in 2U, 8x A800s in 4U, 8x H100s and OAMs in 6U

Industry-Leading AI Performance

Best-in-class for AI training and inference benchmarks

The Industry’s Most Advanced AI Product Portfolio

Power your AI applications with a broad offering of servers and platforms that deliver industry-leading performance, acceleration, and efficiency for your training and inferencing workloads.

Supporting Critical Applications and Industries with Aivres AI

Aivres AI is empowering new possibilities and making a difference in avenues like health and medicine, conservation, autonomous driving, and many more.

Protecting the Environment

Enabling large models for fire monitoring, climate simulation, and water conservancy

Accelerating Science & Medicine

Intelligent mass data processing to accelerate scientific research and improve medical services

Enhancing Digital Experiences

Powering digital twins and edge computing to deliver immersive experiences across any medium

Enabling Smart Transportation

AI at the edge to enhance smart roads, autonomous vehicles, and driver experience

Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Integrating cloud, edge, and automation to revolutionize production speed and capacity

Improving Financial Models

Machine learning and data analytics to improve accuracy in transactions and market prediction

Success Stories

Aivres AI solutions powering vital workloads and enabling real-world business transformations.

Healthcare Research

Accelerating data processing and research in medical institutions

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Animal Welfare

Aiding with harm reduction and health monitoring in livestock farms

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