One stop AI model training and inference platform for developers and enterprise users.

AIStation is a software and hardware-integrated platform that simplifies the development and deployment of various AI, including Generative AI, Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models, and others. AIStation can help AI teams collaborate efficiently to accelerate model development, as well as enable enterprises to reduce total cost of infrastructure and quickly leverage AI to further their business goals.

For Developers:
Model Training Module

Unified resource allocation and scheduling, centralized training data management, and collaborative sharing of AI assets for developers.

For Enterprises:
Model Inference Module

Flexible inference service deployment and compute management capabilities for enterprise users to quickly and easily leverage AI for business.

Platform Architecture

Model Training Module

Enabling AI teams to collaborate more effectively to accelerate model development.
One-stop AI development

Automated workflows, unified management of multiple models and deployment in minutes

Intelligent operation and security

Resource and task dashboard, automated fault analysis and diagnostic resolution, data security and access control

Enterprise workflow optimization

Optimized communication and data pipelines; interactive, visual, and other modes for efficient development

Flexible resource management

Fine-grained resource pooling and intelligent scheduling for flexible computing on-demand; supports batch processing, cloud-native, and other modes

Optimized performance and data usage

Rapid deployment of large-scale distributed tasks; data training acceleration and small file reading optimization; supports high-performance network protocols like IB, RoCE

Wide hardware-software compatibility

Wide GPU, AIPU, AISC, and other dedicated AI chips support; multiple data source access like OBS, HDFS, BeeGFS, etc

Model Inference Module

Streamlining model deployment for enterprises to easily leverage AI for business.
Wide heterogeneous compatibility

Standardized access, management, and use of heterogeneous chips, dynamic compute for optimized performance

Support of various AI services

Supports AI models, mirroring, cloud-native, and Helm applications; rapid deployment of self-developed and outsourced AI services

Flexible compute resource scaling

Automatically adjusts service resources to traffic

Data asset governance

Enables service records access to locate problems, records and manages service data to extend data assets

Multi-application performance

Allocates resources in real-time based on demand, efficiently deploys many services on few devices

Resource tidal scheduling

Guided by business trend analysis based on historical data, adapts to OM habits to meet business scheduling needs

Why Choose AIStation


Cluster topology awareness and network optimization enabling up to 90% GPU acceleration, performance efficiency through dynamic resource management

Ease of Use

Team collaboration tools like data, and model sharing, automated configuration of distributed environments simplifies workflow for large model training


Automatic fault tolerance ensures speedy training task recovery in the event of resource failure with over 90% reduction in average fault processing time


Integrates data processing, model fine-tuning, and model evaluation tools to accelerate large model development, robust API simplifies docking with enterprise systems



Empowers advanced identity security measures and improved customer connectivity in banking and finance through large-scale distributed training.

Research & Education

Provides university-level compute management, flexible resource scheduling, and a wide range of AI development tools for large institutes.

Autonomous Driving

Supports single-task and fusion models, complex data labeling and processing, algorithm training, and scenario simulation for autonomous driving.

Supporting Other Major Industries


Developers can streamline the model iteration cycle through a variety of resource scheduling and model deployment strategies, quickly enabling AI insights for business.

Science & Medicine

AIStation helps sci-, medtech customers develop efficient, safe and compliant AI computing environments to accelerate research, data reading and processing, and medical imaging.


Dynamic resource scheduling and sharing between teams mitigate GPU shortages to enable real-time data processing and efficient model development in smart transportation.

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