Intel® TSC Certified Trusted Supply Chain

Full product provenance and a complete peace of mind.

In the age of advanced development in data centers, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, safe and reliable hardware platforms are the cornerstone of enterprise success. A secure and controlled supply chain plays a critical role in ensuring high-quality products for data center customers.

Our customer’s confidence in our product and processes is our number one priority. Bolster the production line with Aivres’ Trusted Supply Chain, backed by Intel® TSC, to meet your quality and security expectations. Take a deeper look into the various layers of quality assurance processes at every stage across Aivres facilities and supply chains.

Seamless Component-to-System Level Traceability


Full system traceability ensure quality and authenticity of components from materials receiving through system assembly.


Data-driven, automated processes reduce margins for error, protecting data fidelity and flagging alterations to the product.


All component to system source information is logged and verified via a host of seamlessly integrated data and digital systems.


Platform-level information and transaction data is recorded on and protected by blockchain, adding an extra layer of security.

In Partnership with Intel® Transparent Supply Chain

As one of the world’s top three server vendors, Aivres has been working with Intel to establish a more transparent and controllable supply chain system. By adhering to the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain (TSC) process, we are improving our manufacturing processes in order to provide safer, more reliable server product solutions that our customers can trust.

White Papers and Resources

White Paper: Intel End-to-End Supply Chain Traceability

In this white paper, learn how the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain, built on Ethereum blockchain, creates a step-by-step immutable transaction record.

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Article: Add Trust to Your Supply Chain, by Tom Dodson

Tom Dodson of Intel Corporation/Business Client Products explains how manufacturers can add trust and transparency to their supply chain in the age of IoT.

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Secure products through strict compliance.

Aivres is committed to delivering security and trust in all our product offerings.  Ask your Aivres representative how the Intel TSC certification can be added to your purchase.

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