Product Design & Customization

Leading-edge product platforms, purpose-built.

Innovation, Design, & Engineering Expertise

Aivres brings to every partnership our hardware design experience and rigorous R&D, helping customers develop innovative, cutting-edge technology solutions to propel their business to new frontiers. We do this with our unique JDM model, using principles of open collaboration to integrate our ecosystem of partners, services, and capabilities to bring about the customer’s solution from design to deployment.

Legacy of Extreme Design

Since our inception, we have been pushing the limits of technology to deliver more advanced features. Our early innovations led to the groundbreaking density, performance, speed, and efficiency of today’s platforms. Customers can rely on Aivres’ robust system design expertise to overcome any hardware engineering hurdles.

F10A FGPA (2016)

The industry’s first FPGA accelerator in a half-width, half-height form factor to fit a PCIe slot, leveraging OpenCL to reduce development time in deep learning and big data applications.

AGX-2 8-GPU Board (2017)

The first GPU board to integrate NVLink 2.0, offers the highest GPU density in 2U, 10 different topologies based on application, and air-liquid hybrid cooling to minimize PUE.

4-Socket Motherboard (2017)

Full-mesh interconnect technology with Intel® VROC enabling record standalone processing for data-intensive cloud and VM applications.

8-Socket Motherboard (2017)

High compute density integrating Intel® Persistent Memory and Intel® VROC to deliver massive memory capacity for mission critical and SAP HANA applications.

106-Drive Storage System (2018)

Industry highest storage density 4U with 106 3.5″ HDDs and 1.5PB capacity. To support its density and weight, it was optimally designed for maximum thermal dissipation, resonance suppression, and deformation mitigation.

Tailor-Made Solutions By Collaborative Innovation

Through our unique JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing) model, Aivres works closely with customers to deliver highly customized products and services, rapidly and at scale. JDM integrates the customer’s business specifications with an agile supply chain and intelligent manufacturing, shortening the new product development cycle and time to market. 

Joint Design Manufacturing: How It Works

Deep Collaboration

Aivres customer teams of product managers, architects, and project managers are dedicated to helping you fulfill your product vision. They are with you every step of the way, from concept and design through validation and testing, to create the best solution for your data center.

Customized Solution

Our deep understanding of customer business applications and pain points ensures that you receive a product that meets your specific needs. Our flexible production and broad capabilities can also enable custom requirements and development according to your business scale.

Product Design, R&D

With our R&D capabilities and system design experience, Aivres pushes the boundaries of technology, from processor and component to server architecture, to build a product that delivers the highest features and best optimizations to a customer's business specifications.

Quality & Reliability Testing

Aivres products undergo over 2,000 full-life-cycle tests in 9 test categories, including environmental and mechanical stress testing, failure analysis, and signal and power integrity testing, to ensure the highest product quality and performance features.

Intelligent, Agile Manufacturing

Using data-driven automation and intelligent information systems with efficient parallel production, Aivres manufacturing can meet the dynamic demands of our customers while ensuring the highest product quality, security, reliability, and traceability.

Rack-Scale Deployment

Rapidly deploy with our component to rack (L3 to L12) manufacturing capabilities enable vastly increased delivery efficiency. Agile production and streamlined on-site assembly processes further reduce cost and deployment time.

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JDM Success Story: Open19

Open19 is an organization seeking to develop open infrastructure for the traditional 19” data center. They needed platforms that, in addition to fitting into Open19’s modular “brick” form factor, featured a common architecture for different application requirements and high density for maximum efficiency. Through close collaboration with Open19, Aivres designed a compute and storage node based on their project request.

Compute and storage nodes and enclosure designed for Open19's modular 19

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