Intelligent Manufacturing

Smart automation for faster, higher quality production.

With lean manufacturing processes, advanced robotics, automation, and other intelligent features, Aivres' leading-edge facilities represent the future of hardware manufacturing.

Intelligent automation

Aivres' manufacturing processes leverage smart automation and robotics in assembly, transportation and warehousing, ensuring high quality, efficient production and short lead time. Intelligent MES, RFID tracking and shop floor control processes deliver reliability, precision, consistency, and traceability.

Real-time inventory management

Aivres offers an intelligent customer inventory report system that provides clients real-time visibility and management over their inventory via a web portal. Easily allocated resources for your project with our ERP system integration.

Flexible high-mix production

Aivres can accommodate your manufacturing needs no matter your production size or mix of SKUs. With customer forecast, Kanban inventory management, and supply chain management capabilities, we can flexibly adapt production to your business needs.

Quality assurance

Customized stress tests are created for customer requirements in addition to standard testing processes. We also stand by our “last mile” delivery quality, with every effort made to minimize damage of products during shipment.

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