GPU Servers Supporting NVIDIA L40S

Accelerate generative AI with advanced servers powered by NVIDIA's latest GPUs

The industry's most powerful universal GPU

Unlock the next level of multi-workload performance with the NVIDIA L40S GPU on our advanced AI servers. The L40S GPU is designed to handle the next generation of data center workloads, from generative AI and large language model (LLM) inference and training to 3D graphics, rendering, and video. It combines powerful AI computing with best-in-class graphics and media acceleration.

Breakthrough AI Performance By the Numbers

Less than 8 hours

to fine-tune LMM

Less than 4 days

to train GPT3

Over 82 images/min

for image generative AI

Accelerating End-to-End Generative AI

L40S is the best GPU for accelerating end-to-end generative AI pipelines, powering improved auto-speech recognition, large language models, text-to-speech, text-to-image, audio-to-face, and rendering.

L40S Features: Cutting-Edge Capabilities to Transform AI

Ada Lovelace Architecture

features latest generation Tensor cores, RT cores, and CUDA cores to empower workloads from 3D rendering to generative AI

Transformer Engine

mixes FP8 and FP16 precisions to accelerate performance, improve memory utilization for inference and training

Unparalleled Performance

1.5 PFLOPS Tensor performance, 212 TFLOPS RT Core performance, and 91.6 TFLOPS SP performance

L40S Performance Comparison

L40S Performance Comparison

Aivres AI Servers Supporting L40S

KR4268V2 (AMD)

Up to 8 L40S GPUs
Supporting AMD EPYC™ 9004 processors

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KR4268V2 (Intel)

Up to 8 L40S GPUs
Supporting 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

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