Liquid Cooling

Creating a more energy efficient data center

Increase the effectiveness and sustainability of your data centers with Aivres liquid-cooled solutions.

Benefits of Liquid Cooling

Heat Dissipation

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The swifter heat dissipation offered by liquid cooling technology ensures optimal operating temperatures for servers and components, enhancing performance and prolonging hardware lifespan.

Space Efficiency

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Liquid cooling can save up to 5-10 times the space compared to traditional air cooling methods, allowing for more efficient space utilization and higher server density within data center environments.


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In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, liquid cooling is an optimal sustainability solution that significantly reduces data center power consumption and carbon footprint.


Cold Plate

Cold plate liquid cooling uses a metal plate with liquid coolant to efficiently transfer heat through direct contact with heat components. This method outperforms air cooling, maintaining optimal temperatures, enhancing performance, and increasing device lifespan, especially in high-heat scenarios.

Air-Liquid Hybrid

Air-liquid hybrid cooling combines the benefits of both air and liquid cooling by using air for initial heat dissipation and liquid for more intensive cooling for residual heat. This hybrid strategy is a versatile option for various applications and an easy solution to implement into existing full air cooling data centers.


Immersion cooling completely submerges the servers in liquid coolant, greatly enhancing cooling efficiency. Immersion cooling's ability to manage high heat loads makes it an appealing solution for high-performance data centers, offering improved performance and prolonged hardware lifespan.

Liquid Cooled 5280M6

2U 2-Socket Compute Server

  • 2x 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, TDP 270W
  • Cold plate liquid cooling reduces CPU operating temperature by more than 10°C
  • Liquid cooling supports 7 PCIe expansion slots for flexible application
Liquid Cooled 5260FM6

2U 2-Socket Compute Server

  • With liquid cooling cabinet can achieve PUE less than 1.15
  • Highly flexible front and rear I/O to optimize flexibility
  • 10x efficiency with L11-level delivery

2U 4-Node 2-Socket Liquid Cooled Server

  • 4x computing density of general-purpose nodes, supports TDP 270W
  • Liquid cooling supports 50°C high temp with cooling efficiency over 80%
  • Node-level liquid leakage detection technology and linkage management with BMC for high reliability

6U 2-Socket Liquid Cooled Server

  • Cold plate covers CPU+GPU+NVSwitch achieving 80% liquid cooling coverage
  • Supports NV 500W NVLink A100 8-card GPU for advanced AI performance
  • PUE is as low as 1.1

Liquid Cooling Rack: 3000S

  • 42U standard cabinet compatible with liquid cooling/air cooling structure
  • Cabinet-level liquid cooling reduces reduces data center energy consumption by more than 40%
  • PUE as low as 1.1
  • Blind-mating power supply eliminates power cables and simplifies wiring, operation, and maintenance

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