GPU Accelerated Servers

The most powerful servers for AI and deep learning.

As a provider in cutting-edge AI solutions and products, Aivres continuously innovates to develop the widest array of most powerful servers on the market that support various GPUs and accelerators for different market needs. Aivres GPU accelerated servers deliver features that let you achieve your goals, like training deep learning models and deriving AI insights, in hours, not days.

Gaudi®2 Servers: Massively Scalable Deep Learning Performance

Enhance AI Training and Inference with servers supporting the Habana® Gaudi®2. This deep learning accelerator
provides high performance, high efficiency compute to support gen-AI and LLMs while offering easy and flexible
scaling of AI systems according to different needs.

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Accelerate AI with L40S GPU Servers

Unlock the next level of multi-workload performance with the L40S universal GPU on advanced Aivres AI servers.
L40S combines powerful AI computing with best-in-class graphics and media acceleration for next-generation
data center workloads, from generative AI and large language model (LLM) inference and training to 3D graphics,
rendering, and video.

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Industry Leading Performance

Extreme Acceleration

The fastest and latest GPUs including NVIDIA Hopper™ H100 Tensor Core

Advanced Architectures

High-speed NVLink™ and NVSwitch™ GPU-to-GPU interconnect

Enhanced Power

Redundant high efficiency Titanium and Platinum power supplies

Flexible Topologies

Configurable for a variety of applications from AI training to edge computing

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