Intelligent Data Center Management Platform

All-In-One Data Center Management

The KSManage data center infrastructure management platform allows customers to easily oversee reliable, efficient operation of thousands of devices in enterprise and hyperscale data centers, including cloud-based edge data center servers, storage solutions, networks, and environmental monitoring systems.

KSManage provides comprehensive full lifecycle maintenance, precise fault diagnosis, and advanced energy management tailored for the dynamic environments of modern data centers tackling advanced applications like Large Language Models, real-time analytics, scientific simulation, and database management.

Resource monitoring with automatic discovery, inventory, asset maintenance

Automatic fault diagnosis and repair with built-in server fault diagnosis library

Unified management of multiple data centers and network topologies

Streamlined Asset Management

Four sub-systems and six functional modules to address various complex data center workflows with hundreds of data asset types, reducing operational workload by 40% and improving efficiency by 90%

Intelligent Fault Detection

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) achieves automated analysis over millions of monitoring indicators to enable over 98% accurate fault diagnosis and prevention, reducing manual O&M while ensuring equipment stability

Dynamic Energy Saving

Energy monitoring system and power control strategies enable 20% reduction of data center energy consumption from compute-intensive applications like AI, big data to help enterprises manage their carbon footprint

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