Aivres is committed to creating a seamless user experience for visitors. Hence, certain website usage metrics on are collected and stored for later analysis by our web masters, marketing and sales teams, and web developers. Below are the basic guidelines employed by for exchanging information on the website.

Collection of Information

Aivres collects two types of information from visitors:

  • Information about your visit and how you use our website
  • Voluntarily shared personal information

Information about Your Visit — This information is collected to better understand how we can make our website (its design and content) more engaging and valuable for our visitor. The information collected includes:

  • The visitor’s device (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Loading times (how fast was our website able to load on your device)
  • Pages visited (first page, and consecutive pages visited)
  • The time spent on the website (time spent on individual pages in specific, the site as a whole)
  • Website visited prior and after the website

This information is collected via cookies — small text files stored on your device that collects and safely store this information on your device. They can be stopped and removed at your discretion.

Voluntarily Shared Personal Information — When you contact Aivres customer care and support staff through our website, you may be asked to share personal information such as your email and contact information so that we can respond to your queries.

Depending on your message, this information may include your name, professional address, payment details, and other contact details. We hold record of our communications for keeping track of customer requirements and for legal purposes.

This information is used only to communicate with you, verify your credentials, and to complete transactions.

Sharing of Collected Information

Your personal information is your own. Aivres respects your right to privacy and security of the information you share with us. Hence, no part of your personal information shall be shared or sold in any way or format with anyone except when demanded by law.

Information about your visit, however, may be shared on an aggregate basis for aiding market research and understanding of website traffic.

Policy Modifications

Aivres reserves the right to modify these guidelines to align with new regulations and legislations, respond to changing needs of the organization, and address and fix any issues identified by our customers and our team.

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