Case Study

Case Study: Bulutistan

Hyperconverged Solution with Nutanix Expands Public Cloud Architecture

Industry: Public cloud

Customer: Bulutistan, a Turkish cloud service provider

Products: NF5280M5 Hyperconverged Platform


Bulutistan is the fastest growing public cloud service and ICT solution provider in Turkey, providing services to more than 300 government and enterprise customers over 50 countries and regions. Due to its rapidly expanding business volume and the high demand of public cloud services in manufacturing, retail, finance, government, energy and other industries, the traditional cloud platform architecture could no longer meet the company’s current needs for scalability and flexibility. It is increasingly challenging to linearly match scale and performance, while also taking into account the balance of capacity, performance, stability, recoverability and manageability. Finally, Bulutistan intended to switch to a new cloud platform within 3 years, so the introduction of a new architecture was imminent.


1. Existing equipment could not meet demand

Due to the rapid increase in cloud-based business volume in recent years, the cloud service provider’s existing infrastructure could not continue to meet the company’s business expansion needs. Bulutistan was looking for a pooled IT infrastructure platform that is efficient, easy to adjust and manage, guarantees service quality, and can meet expectations for performance and other pooled IT infrastructure platforms.

2. Difficulties in expanding traditional platforms

The three-tier architecture (computing, storage, and network) of the traditional data center is stable and reliable, but has characteristics that make transitioning to cloud challenging. The traditional data center’s myriad downsides include having various equipment types, complex topology structure, resource-intensive operation and maintenance, and difficulty in scaling.


Bulutistan needed a cloud platform solution with high scalability, flexibility and stability. After testing, they found that the Aivres NF5280M5 hyperconverged server with Nutanix’s software-defined storage solution would deliver integrated high performance compute and storage, and provide a simplified architecture that could be flexibly expanded.

In addition, the hyperconverged solution supports one-click database management for multiple file storage services, greatly streamlining system management and improving operation and maintenance efficiency. The infrastructure can be deployed in minutes, and the hyperconverged architecture with distributed single-node management delivers stable, reliable performance.

1. Enable allocation of resources on demand and reduce procurement costs

Aivres’ solution can flexibly allocate computing resources across clusters and units according to the needs of different regions and applications without having to reconfigure the physical network and external storage. With the Aivres NF5280M5 HCI solution, the company was able to achieve stable performance output with the minimum resources necessary locally in the initial stage, and in follow-up, they could adjust the compute and storage resources of the physical server as needed to provide an on-demand and dynamic resource supply, improving resource utilization and raising efficiency. In addition, it provides a highly scalable network interface that simplifies deployment, lowers operating costs, and reduces the need for special equipment.

2. Simplified storage virtualization

With software-defined storage, heterogeneous storage and local storage resources are abstracted to support the pooling, replication and on-demand distribution of storage logic, with application-centric consumption and management enabling strategy-based automation that raises efficiency for CSP vendors. The solution provides a simple configuration platform that manages the allocation of resources, compute virtualization through VMware, and network virtualization through NFV.

Results and Impact

The solution helped Bulutistan significantly simplify equipment types and management complexity, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and save up to 30% in operation and maintenance costs. Linear and rapid expansion of building blocks on demand helped the customer greatly improve deployment efficiency, cutting down deployment time by 83%. Integration reduced operating cost while providing the same data reliability and availability as traditional architecture, with the Nutanix public cloud platform simplifying management.

Overall, the hyperconverged NF5280M5 with Nutanix integrated NFV, storage, network, and compute virtualization to provide the customer with a comprehensive cloud resource pooling solution that was highly reliable, endlessly scalable, easy to manage, and would serve the company’s needs to meet its expanding business demands.