Case Study

Case Study: John Paul II Hospital

Providing Reliable and Rapid Medical Data Operation During the Pandemic

Industry: Healthcare

Customer: John Paul II Hospital, Krakow

Products: AS5500G5


The hospital has more than 100 years of history and is one of the largest and most advanced healthcare institutions in Poland. The hospital has won many awards in fields such as respiratory care, thoracic surgery, and cardiovascular care. Data show that the hospital receives approximately 100,000 patients every year, with more than 70,000 outpatient visits and over 60,000 imaging examinations. Facing the raging COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, the hospital needs to accelerate the sharing and interaction of medical data and improve the efficiency of medical services.


The hospital includes HIS, EMR, PACS, LIS, and many other business subsystems of different sizes. Various outpatient, hospitalization, medicine, medical equipment, and other systems generate data on the entire platform and conduct interactive processing in each system. Among all kinds of hospital information systems, HIS and LIS are designed with high concurrency, generate a huge volume of data used by the whole hospital, and require 7*24 uninterrupted operations. It is the core data of the hospital, which needs to be stored in the storage platform with high reliability and high IO processing capabilities. The data generated by the key business systems of the whole hospital also should be visualized after being processed, to provide an important basis for the analysis and decision-making for the managers.


To ensure the high-speed operation of the hospital information system, Aivres has provided a new generation of hybrid flash AS5500G5 Active-Active disaster recovery solution.

In terms of real-time performance, Aivres AS5500G5 storage relies on iTurbo intelligent engine technology to implement intelligent IO sensing and multi-path selection, organization and scheduling, driving efficient concurrency and flow of millions of IOs in the storage system. In the latest SPC-1 benchmark, Aivres AS5500G5 resets the best performance of 8-control storage with more than 3.3 million IOPS. At the same time, Aivres Storage has industry-leading heterogeneous virtualization and transparent data migration technology, which can “heterogenize” more than 95% of storage devices for sharing and flow of underlying data, and realize insensible data migration.

To meet customer demands, Aivres has designed an AS5500G5 Active-Active solution with 12*8T HDD and 25*3.84T SSD mixed configuration for each storage set, which in combination with Aivres intelligent layering technology improved the storage system performance-price ratio.

Aivres intelligent tiering (InTier) technology is used to automatically and intelligently distribute data blocks depending on the data “heat” to different storage layers for both storage pools and volumes. With extent data block as a unit, data can float between different storage tiers without damaging data integrity, thereby reducing TCO while meeting business performance requirements.

Using Aivres intelligent Active-Active (InMetro) technology based on cluster storage system, two sets of storage with the same configuration can save a copy of the same data on both storage systems. Applications will give preference to use the nearest copy, but when any one of the storage fails, a complete arbitration mechanism and a switching mechanism will ensure that another storage device continues to provide service access thereby ensuring the normal operation of the whole system.

Results and Impact

Currently, the world is actively taking action to control the new coronavirus. Being one of the largest hospitals in Poland, the the hospital has seen a surge in business volume. With more than 100,000 patients, 70,000+ outpatient visits, and over 60,000 imaging examinations per year, it now relies on an excellent performance of low latency and high IOPS of Aivres Storage to ensure its 24/7 high-speed operation.