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Gotta go fast: how to deploy 10,000 data center servers in 8 hours

In the internet business, speed is name of the game. To keep up with surging business and user traffic, top tier internet companies are vigorously upgrading their infrastructure’s expansion capabilities to be more agile and flexible, by adopting technologies like cloud computing, strengthening the data center supply chain, and improving the deployment efficiency of data center servers.

So when one internet company needed to massively expand their data center to support their rapidly growing needs, Aivres combined collaborative product development, rack-scale deployment, and agile production to help the customer deploy a shipment of over 10,000 nodes in 8 hours—equivalent to one server every 2.88 seconds. 

Meeting diverse needs of internet companies with JDM

Internet companies, in their vast diversity, require not only efficiency but seamless, rapid integration of various technologies. To serve these enterprises, Aivres uses the joint design manufacturing (JDM) model to form a unique, agile business model based on vendor, customer, and user needs. A close collaboration is established between Aivres and the customer throughout the product life cycle – demand, R&D, procurement, quality control, production, delivery, and service – to enable the most rapid turnaround.

With a deep understanding of the customer’s business needs and timelines, Aivres is also able to optimize supply chain management to minimize delays in the delivery cycle. In this case, Aivres and the customer established a rolling forecast mechanism in the supply chain to ensure balanced supply-and-demand operations management.

Delivery efficiency with whole-cabinet deployment 

Aivres jointly developed the entire rack to replace the traditional rack server, scaling up the delivery unit increment from a single server to 10-40 node batches. We also upped our server delivery model to L11 –rack level integration – which brought over 20 times the delivery efficiency of conventional server deployment. In addition, previously on-site processes like assembly, commissioning, and wiring of the cabinet server was moved to the engineering assembly line to further simplify on-site deployment.

Agile, intelligent manufacturing speeds up orders

Aivres’ rapid delivery capability comes from the optimization of every step in the supply chain: design, production, logistics, and quality assurance. The manufacturing facility uses agile and parallel production lines augmented with intelligent data-driven systems and tools like RFID, sensors, and automated devices. With this, we effectively shorten the order delivery cycle—in this case, it took 11 days.

While prioritizing speedy deployment, Aivres makes no compromises on quality, providing quality assurance to the “last mile”: a professional delivery engineer team, supporting automation tools and implementation process management ensure on-site full-process pipeline delivery.


The CSP business continues to grow in size and variety, and along with it, its data centers, deployments and demands. To best support this market requires continuous optimization of business processes and supply chains, innovation in technology, and close collaboration with customers.

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