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A look back on a year like no other

A year since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the world has been indelibly changed. 2020 offers solemn lessons but also renewed fervor and optimism as we take our first steps in 2021. It is important to reflect on and take stock of the ways we endured the year’s various hurdles and challenges, as a company and as part of the global tech community.

When the coronavirus first appeared in China, we took immediate action at all our facilities across the globe. We adjusted production processes to maximize personnel safety while ensuring a minimum disruption in our service to our customers. We established strict health protocols and procured resources to protect our employees. In swift compliance with regional ordinances, many offices transitioned to remote operation, and our organization of innovative individuals adapted capably to this new model of work.

Like many other industries and spaces that have traditionally belonged in the physical realm, the hardware industry had to take a sharp turn into the virtual. The transition was an enormous undertaking but turned out to be a major boon to the global tech community: online versions of the world’s biggest conferences offered unprecedented accessibility to attendees and drew numbers far exceeding those possible in a physical venue. In these spaces, Aivres continued to contribute cutting-edge innovations and technical leadership, at seminal forums like GTC, OCP Summit, OCP Tech Week, NEXT, and Supercomputing.

Even as many things ground to a halt, the pandemic did not slow Aivres’ aspiration for better solutions. In 2020, we launched new flagship servers featuring the latest generation processors and GPUs, providing massive upgrades to our product portfolio – including improvements to performance and efficiency – to meet the year’s explosive technology demands. Aivres’ AI server set a slew of records in the definitive MLPerf benchmark, while our storage solutions advanced the company to “Challenger” status in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. While the pandemic rocked industries across all sectors, the server market continued to rely on hardware leaders and we made great strides to see another year of double-digit growth in server revenue.

Of course, we could not do all of this alone. Throughout the tumultuous year, the support, trust, and patience of our valued customers kept us steady as we weathered the storm. Rigorous collaborations with our key technology partners helped us usher in industry-leading solutions and record year-on-year growth. Most of all, we owe our success to Aivres’ industrious, agile, passionate team of employees without whose tireless dedication and hard work none of the above would be possible.

2020 has taught us that nothing is predictable. But with the past year in the rearview, we can proceed into the unknown with the confidence that we will continue to accomplish incredible things together.

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