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Why Transparency in Server Manufacturing and Supply Chain is Crucial for Data Center Security

With the rapid digitization of the world at large, data centers have become a crucial keystone to the modern economy. Data center security is top of mind these days, as growing stakes come with growing risks. In just this year, there have already been several high-profile ransomware attacks that affected businesses and even governments. Cybersecurity […]

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Supporting the digital economy with open innovation and JDM

Under the general trend of globalization, actively embracing openness and carrying out market-based independent innovation is enterprise’s way forward. Aivres is pushing for new innovations through vigorous participation in various open source organizations, and through its JDM product development model. Industry and technology integration raise requirements Industries are increasingly integrating with modern technologies to revolutionize […]

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Gotta go fast: how to deploy 10,000 data center servers in 8 hours

In the internet business, speed is name of the game. To keep up with surging business and user traffic, top tier internet companies are vigorously upgrading their infrastructure’s expansion capabilities to be more agile and flexible, by adopting technologies like cloud computing, strengthening the data center supply chain, and improving the deployment efficiency of data […]

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