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Aivres Community Partnership Spotlight:
Save the Bay

Bay Day 2022: A Month of Celebrating the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area, as defined by the Association of Bay Area Governments, is a region of 9 counties surrounding San Francisco Bay. Aside from the technology innovations that have famously originated here, the Bay Area also boasts a wide variety of ecological habitats and natural landscapes, including redwoods and wetlands. Headquartered in the city of Milpitas, Aivres resides in the heart of this region.

This year, Aivres was a proud sponsor of the annual Bay Day, a celebration of the SF Bay that was established in 2016 and is now an official holiday in all nine Bay Area counties. Save the Bay hosts this holiday yearly with the goal of rallying Bay Area residents to learn about the bay area’s habitat and foster a clean, healthy environment. The event features a month-long activity that encouraged local residents to explore and discover the San Francisco Bay Area through a 30-Mile Challenge or 10-Activity Challenge.

Save the Bay’s Story

Save The Bay is the largest regional non-profit organization working to protect and restore the San Francisco Bay for people and wildlife. 6 decades ago, San Francisco Bay was threatened with extinction, with 90% of its wetlands destroyed and shores that became wastelands. During this time, 3 visionary women were mortified at the situation and were motivated to “save the bay,” leading to the start of this non-profit organization.

Since then, Save the Bay has developed restoration zones, worked on restoring wetland transition zones, and provided educational programs to raise awareness and teach others about the bay and what they can do to protect it. The organization has also been a major advocate for policies that improve environmental health, pollution prevention, and social justice. Save the Bay led the campaign to successfully pass Measure AA in 2016, which funds large-scale wetland restoration projects across 100,000 acres of tidal wetlands around the bay.

Why Aivres Is Getting Involved

As a corporate citizen who values social responsibility and sustainability, Aivres takes responsibility to care for and protect local natural environments. The San Francisco Bay is a unique, vital habitat that supports a dichotomy of wildlife and a dense urban population. Not only do Bay Area wetlands provide shelter for more than 90 threatened and endangered species of wildlife, but they also protect residents from the effects of climate change and create a space for recreational activities and economic opportunities.

Aivres joined the ranks of major Bay Area organizations, like Meta, Google, LinkedIn, and the San Francisco Giants, that saw the importance of protecting the very place they call home. The Bay Area tech sector is increasingly aware of its climate footprint – like the fact that data centers use 3% of global electricity – and many companies are actively pursuing ambitious environmental goals. Moreover, in a region whose labor market is dominated by sedentary office work, Bay Day’s 30-day challenges encouraged participants to be more physically active. By partnering with Save the Bay and Bay Day, Aivres is doing its part in making the Bay Area a healthier, greener place to live.

Aivres Bay Day challengers were awarded prizes for completing, or exceeding, their activity milestones.

Aivres challenge prizes included sustainability-minded items made from recycled materials; plus Alltrails Pro memberships thanks to Save the Bay!

Click here to learn more about Save the Bay’s work, volunteer opportunities, and educational programs.

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