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Aivres Community Partnership Spotlight: Supporting Young STEAM Explorers at The Tech Interactive

At Aivres, we are passionate about fostering the curiosity and potential of the next generation of innovators who will shape the future of our world. That’s why last week, a group of our dedicated Aivres employees took a break from their usual tasks to volunteer at The Tech Interactive, a remarkable non-profit science and technology center nestled in the heart of San Jose.

About The Tech Interactive

Also known as “The Tech Museum” or simply “The Tech,” The Tech interactive is a beacon of hands-on exploration and experiential learning. It offers a wide range of activities, experimental labs, design challenges, and other resources in the realm of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). It’s a place where young minds are inspired to explore, question, and innovate.

During the school year, The Tech Interactive plays host to approximately 105,000 students on field trips. What’s particularly heartwarming is that a substantial 60% of these students hail from Title 1 schools and afterschool programs, young minds who might otherwise have limited access to such enriching experiences. To support equal access for individuals from all backgrounds, The Tech Interactive generously waive all gallery and Science Lab fees for students that are from low-income schools.

Doing our part to ignite STEM curiosity in young minds.

Aivres employees were deployed into three enthusiastic groups, each stationed on the interactive floor at a different exhibit. The Tech Studio, Solve for Earth, and Beams and Bands.

At The Tech Studio, creativity knows no bounds. With our team’s encouragement and guidance, budding artists, designers, and makers to delve into the wonders of physics and creativity with seasonally-appropriate Halloween themed kinetic crafts.

Over at Solve for Earth, our volunteers helped students explore the significance of environmental sustainability through many interactive activities that instill sense of responsibility for our planet’s future.

Beams and Bands was an open floor activity that gave young participants the opportunity to create structures using simple wooden beams and rubber bands. Here, our team supported the young builders explore the principles of balance, stability, and design, all while having a blast bringing their own creative ideas to life.

We are so thankful to The Tech Interactive for opening their doors to our enthusiastic employees and allowing us to be a part of this incredible learning experience. They have not only enriched the lives of countless young visitors but also deepened our commitment to nurturing the innovators of tomorrow.

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